Hello, and Welcome

Hello, and Welcome

Hello, and welcome to The Unobtrusive!  “What’s The Unobtrusive?” I hear yourself asking.  Well, in simple terms, it’s me, in an internet form.  It consists of my interests, hobbies, and thoughts on the world.  As a result, it covers a lot of seemingly random topics, which, while some people may not like following, is how I go about life.  I’ve always been the type to do many different things, never honing in on one particular facet of life.  I couldn’t travel every weekend, for example; a strict travel blog wouldn’t work.  I couldn’t stream Twitch every night, or photograph the world daily; I’d get bored doing that (yes, you can get bored taking pictures).  I could totally wrap all that up though!  To me, that’s life: it’s all the small things you do wrapped up together, as one, and I think that’s what I’m best at.  I may not an expert on gaming, or traveling, or any major field, but I’m an expert on me.

I’ve found that this style of life presenting is appealing to me as an audience, which is why I’m targeting it as the style for this site.  I follow some amazing people, and while the content and their presentation styles are fantastic, it’s always the individual I’m following most of all; good people make good content, as good people are good content to the world.  Look at the appeal vlogging has.  Someone who isn’t a good person will eventually struggle with vlogging as a presentation style, as original content dries up, and the only constant content left is themselves; if you aren’t a good person, good content, it won’t work, and it won’t last.

With all that being said, I wanted to talk a bit about this site.  You’ll notice you were probably greeted by a cover page, which was my way of saying, “I really want to put this picture somewhere!”  The home page will serve as the main blog, where all the various posts will live.  It may be a bit scattered at times, so over in the sidebar, you’ll be able to filter the blog posts to the content you’re looking for.  I’ll try to keep it orderly; there’s a fine line with categories: two or three and you might as well not even have them, but fifteen and there are too many to choose from.  To start, there will be six categories: Gaming, Journal, Life, Music, Photography, and Travel.  Let’s dive into each!

Gaming will cover Twitch streams for the part, when I get around to them.  I started playing Super Mario 64 for the first time last year, and had a great time streaming that, so I’m hoping to get back into that.  I remembered I still have Wind Waker HD, which I’ve never played through before, so that’d be a fun one to start with!  We’ll see!  If not that, Splatoon 2 will be making an appearance!

Journal entries will be exactly what they sound like.  When the year started, one of the things I wanted to do was start a journal, which was actually the inspiration for the site; why write in a book only I’ll read when I could write to the world!  These posts will be a bit more frequent, tied off an Instagram post, etc., and will hopefully be similar to what I’d want to write in a journal for a day.

Life will be Journal, but with a purpose, a theme, and more thought put into it.  They’ll also be bloody long, because if there’s a theme I’m going to write all day.  Life will also hold the more traditional blog posts, posts like this one.  Notice, it’s not short, easy reading.  Don’t worry, you won’t see too many of these popping up, or so I think.

Music will be the music review area of the site.  Way back when, in a previous life, I reviewed music for a college radio station, and it was always fun write up a paragraph or two on a new album.  It was also a great way to force myself to leaving the old playlist behind for an hour or two and experience something new for a change.  That’d be a fun routine to get back into!  There will be other surprises over there, but that’s for another day!

Photography will be the hobby side of the site.  You’ll notice it also has a spot as its own page, where I’ll keep galleries of my favorite photos.  On the blog though, it’ll be more than just photos: it’ll hopefully turn into more of a learning area.  The idea is, as I get better at this, to post reviews, tutorials (maybe), and some simple how-to guides.  I don’t know, I’ll give it some thought!

Travel will be travel, reviews on cities, cool experiences, and places to check out.  They will also be posted roughly four months after the fact, because I’m awful at posting travel related things.  Oh, and pictures… Lots of pictures! 

There will be a “secret, not so secret” seventh category: Podcast!  It’s not a category since it’s really it’s own thing, hence why it has its own page.  Over here, you’ll find the podcast archive, show notes from each show, and other cool stuff as it appears!  Out of all the projects on the site, this is probably the one I’m most excited about!

Anyways, that’s the site for now, and I’m pretty stoked about it!  There’s lots of opportunity to try new things, and there’s plenty to add!  Obviously, I’m not sure which direction this will head at the current time, but I have ideas, and if I get around to them, I think they’ll be pretty cool!

Oh yeah, almost forgot: social media!  Don’t like following the blog by showing up here?  That’s cool, because you can follow it elsewhere!  You’ve probably seen the buttons, they’re all over the site, but we have an Instagram (which will be pictures only, I promise!  I won’t push things like the podcast over there), a Twitter (everyone’s favorite platform nowadays), a Facebook page (watch me delete it; who actually likes Facebook pages), Pinterest (now we’re talking!), and links to the YouTube and Twitch channels!  Feel free to check those out, and follow which ever ones appeal most to you! 

1: Banter Never Dies

1: Banter Never Dies